Food Safety Tips For Home Caterers

Many people today depend on caterers to cater food for their various functions. In fact, it has become a trend today. If you too are a food caterer and cater to functions such as weddings, birthday parties, formal dinners and barbeques, you would know that a lot of people would be eating your food. You need to be responsible and make sure that the food you cook, do not make any people sick.

This is all the more important if children, pregnant women, senior citizens and ill people attend any of the functions you cater to. These are vulnerable groups and food poisoning will have serious consequences on this kind of people. So here are some tips to keep in mind when you are catering for your next function.

Keep Your Vessels Clean

As a caterer, you may be using the same set of vessels to cook a variety of food. Therefore it is important that any food particles are not left stuck to or charred at the bottom of the vessel. After every use, wash your vessels with hot water. Simply loading them into the dishwasher may not be enough if food particles are charred on the vessel. In such cases, fix by high pressure cleaning Brisbane to your tap and turn on the hot water on the vessel.

Keep Your Food Separated One of the biggest reasons for food poisoning is because of cross contamination. This means that the bacteria in your raw food, gets transferred to cooked, ready to eat food. Therefore make sure that you keep your raw food separated from cooked food. In fact, separate your kitchen into raw food processing areas and cooked food processing areas. Keep two different sets of utensils for each area. Cross contamination can be reduced this way.

Cold Storage

As a caterer, you are required to keep different types of food in cold storage. This can be a chilled pudding or a leg of uncooked lamb. Regardless of the type of food, your cold storage should be maintained at the temperate that is sufficient for all kinds of food. There have been many food poisoning incidents simply because the cold storage was not maintained properly.

Even while in the freezer, make sure that you keep cooked and uncooked food separate. Allocate a time once a week, regardless of how busy you are, to clean your freezer. Throw away any unwanted or expired food. Use office cleaning quote Gold Coast hose to wash the freezer. If you are a caterer by profession, you may have to obtain certain license before you cater to large groups of people.

Getting this license will require you to pass inspections and fill out some papers. Speak to your local health or municipal council to know more about this.

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