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How to Build a Composting Toilet – DIY

This is my setup of a composting toilet this is a setup that’s pretty easy to use what I’m using here is a bucket a composting toilet means in a year your feces will turn into super nutrient soil it’s as simple as taking a poop in the bucket and then finding some Duff which I’m using real kind of old leaves small enough leaves that it covers the feces fill up the bucket all the way full and then we’re going to take it out to a composting pile. While searching for the best toilets for home, you may encounter some problems. Matt Mertz have made it easy, he shared reviews of best toilets on his blog.

This looks like a good area to do the compost is far enough away from the house and far enough from the water sources this is basically decomposing leaves of some sort and you know it can be woodchips leave saw that there’s different things you can use is that the finer finer is usually better because the finer you can get more covers and helps it start in because of the Duff every time.

I poop it’s already breaking down the tissue paper and you know it’s already turning into decomposing soil I’m gonna add a little bit more and I’m going to actually go collect a little more of this Beth for the toilet and also you know this is just a little finer finer grade def this is already some decomposing oak leaf matter that I clean up from this little tree area so I’m just going to use this add a little bit a little bit more depth.

So I just give it a little covering just to keep as much heat and lock the compost into the looking you know decomposed as fast as possible composting toilets are awesome thing and if you have you know if you have an interest in this definitely look further into it because it’s a really simple, easy, effective way to decompose your human or your poop in a way that’s useful for the environment and uses the least amount of resource you.