Troubleshooting Gas Water Heaters

Like to welcome you to our digital  classroom  brought to you by HD supply I’m Jerry  Winslet along with Jason Leonard  everybody and today what we’re gonna be  talking about is gas water heaters  particularly we’re going to talk about  troubleshooting gas water heaters but  before we start I just want to tell you  a few things if you have questions about  anything we’re covering here today you  can use a chat feature which is on the  right-hand side of your screen  on the other side of Jason over there  just type in your question we’re going  to have a question answer session at the  end of the program you know you don’t  have to wait till the end of the program  you can do it any time during the show  also we’ve got something new we’ve got a  couple of things that are down below the  screen here we’ve got a couple of PDFs  that you can download and it’s really  cool because what you can do with these  PDFs is you can follow along with us as  we go through the troubleshooting we’ve  got step-by-step instructions on what  we’re going to be covering today so you  can download this follow along with us  you can use it whenever you go out to  the job site it’s a it’s a you know all  detailed out yeah it’s a great resource.

I mean you print these out keep them  with you you can watch the show learn  everything that we’re going to tell you  to do but you may forget some of these  smaller details print this guy off keep  this with you keep it in your service  truck keep it in your office keeping it  wherever you need to if you run into one  of these issues you’ve always got this  with you step-by-step process of how to  resolve those issues yeah and there’s  also at the bottom of that PDF there’s  also our the website where you can go to  where you’re at right now you can always  go to that the website and we’ve got a  number of different videos on that  website but let’s go ahead and talk  about gas water heaters and  troubleshooting but first you know we  we’ve got you know a gas water heater  we’ve made a couple changes over the  past couple of years on how the they  operate in really we’ve got a couple  different gas valves up here let’s talk  about the gas valves and what kind of  makes sets them apart first off they.

They’re different looking I know that  they are in depending  on you know the year of the heater this  you’re working on you’re going to see  one of these two styles this is the  mechanical version this is the  electronic version of course this change  kind of happened for us around 2010-2011  right so if you’re looking on a heater  about that age that’s where you’re going  to start to see this transition between  the mechanical and electronic we’ll  start out with the electronic and just  look at some of the differences if we  can get an overhead we can kind of see  one of the big differences you’re going  to notice is the temperature probe that  sticks into the water these are the  temperature probes here this is our  mechanical style here’s our electronic  this is the part that actually reads the  water temperature okay  you can kind of think of this in terms  of digital and analog right the older  style was more analogue wasn’t quite as  accurate as of course the digital style  what we’re looking at here this is your  old rotten tube style temperature probe  is what it’s referred to as this one’s a  little bit shorter you’ll notice that’s.

Because the only thing inside here is a  thermistor okay again we’re taking this  temperature electronically that allows  us to get a little bit more accurate in  that water temperature so this is our  digital this is what’s this do or be  able to get more accurate at temperature  readings on this one that’s exactly  right  it runs a thermistor and thermistor you  can actually get to about a tenth of a  degree oh really  now this one is what’s referred to as a  drywell thermistor which means  thermistor itself doesn’t actually  contact the water tails inside this  housing but that allows us to get a  about a two degree differential on  temperature so we’re definitely getting  very accurate in terms of temperature  control where this one the parameter is  a little bit wider because again it’s an  analogue style so you just can’t get  that accurately okay and another thing  too I noticed that we had two knobs on  this control and we just went to one  knob with the electronic yeah that’s the  other difference on this one here you’ll  see that this one has one knob and this  knob kind of does are off or on or pilot  everything you may see this one with a  red knob also there may be two knobs on  top there could be a red one here that  would be your pilot / okay.

This one just  happened  to have all of those incorporated into  one so you may see either one of those  two style on the electronic you see that  everything is right here on the front of  the dial here we have our temperature  control on the mechanical style and our  pilot and off and on everything here on  the electronic is housed inside this one  switch right this one dial we can push  in on this this gives our pilot purge  then we turn it to on and then of course  at our temperature control everything is  doing with this one dot instead of  multiple dials okay little bit easier  for the end-user as well if they need to  make adjustments and those thing or  relight a pilot or some write that just  a little bit easier for them and another  thing too that has changed is with with  the newer style we’re able to have  status codes which is different because  with the older style we weren’t able to  do that let’s talk about status codes  and what they mean really yeah that’s  really the the big deal with the  electronic gas valve because it is  electronic now it has the ability to  communicate with you a little bit if we  have an issue with the valve with the  mechanical style there was no way to  know we’re out physically going in  running some diagnostic tests seeing  some numbers that would tell you what  was going on with it  this valve actually has the capabilities  of doing its own diagnostic testing  there’s a board on the inside that’s  monitoring the control and if it sees a  failure or a fault or something like  that.

It can actually throw a flash code  if we can look at the front of the valve  we can see that there’s a status light  right there now what’s going to happen  is that status light will blink in a  normal operation it’s going to blink as  well it gives what we refer to as the  heartbeat rash they just let you know  that everything is fine  if it goes into a status code then  you’re going to see a different series  of light say an error code to is going  to give you a two flash and a  three-second pause to flash three-second  pause but again the valve is a lot  smarter you can communicate with you a  little bit so if we have some of these  internal failures or something the valve  can tell you that right you have to do  the test on your own right and and one  of the things about the code though the  only way you can have a code is if you  have a pilot that’s exactly because you  know we have to we don’t plug these  water heaters in  and we have to generate enough  electricity to run that the gas valve so  let’s talk about how we run the  differences between this water heater  and the older mechanical style how we’re  generating that power sure as you stated  we don’t plug this water in right  traditionally atmospherically been in  water heaters do not need to any type of  wall outlet or anything like that now  once you go to an electronic control  then of course we wouldn’t have to have  a little bit more power right if we’re  going to run things like status lights  those type of things and we’re going to  have to have more power than the old  mechanical stop now as we stated they  don’t plug into the wall.

So they need  their own internal power source okay now  for decades that’s been done with what’s  called a thermal couple right on the  mechanical style gas valve and we have  one right here this is just a standard  Honeywell 24-inch thermocouple right  this was the standard for decades and  decades and decades this is what ran the  older mechanical style valve now the way  this thing works if we can go to an  overhead this area on the end here this  is the area that would sit inside the  pilot flame okay okay so once we get the  pilot lit this is going to be sitting  inside the pilot okay the other end that  we see here this is the end that  attaches to the gas valve itself okay so  we get some power generated from the tip  of this we’re basically turning that  heat energy into electric energy okay  that gets converted throughout the  length of the thermocouple so that pilot  is going to start to heat up this tip  produce millivolts okay.


How to Build a Composting Toilet – DIY

This is my setup of a composting toilet this is a setup that’s pretty easy to use what I’m using here is a bucket a composting toilet means in a year your feces will turn into super nutrient soil it’s as simple as taking a poop in the bucket and then finding some Duff which I’m using real kind of old leaves small enough leaves that it covers the feces fill up the bucket all the way full and then we’re going to take it out to a composting pile. While searching for the best toilets for home, you may encounter some problems. Matt Mertz have made it easy, he shared reviews of best toilets on his blog.

This looks like a good area to do the compost is far enough away from the house and far enough from the water sources this is basically decomposing leaves of some sort and you know it can be woodchips leave saw that there’s different things you can use is that the finer finer is usually better because the finer you can get more covers and helps it start in because of the Duff every time.

I poop it’s already breaking down the tissue paper and you know it’s already turning into decomposing soil I’m gonna add a little bit more and I’m going to actually go collect a little more of this Beth for the toilet and also you know this is just a little finer finer grade def this is already some decomposing oak leaf matter that I clean up from this little tree area so I’m just going to use this add a little bit a little bit more depth.

So I just give it a little covering just to keep as much heat and lock the compost into the looking you know decomposed as fast as possible composting toilets are awesome thing and if you have you know if you have an interest in this definitely look further into it because it’s a really simple, easy, effective way to decompose your human or your poop in a way that’s useful for the environment and uses the least amount of resource you.


Electric Hot Water Heater Reviews to Help You Out

In my experience, electric hot water heater reviews are the real deal. They’ll fill you in on everything you need to know about what you’ll be paying for. I was puzzled, once, and after going over the testimonials of other consumers, I began to have an idea of what I should get.

By looking at the information of the product’s website, you’ll find yourself lured into making the purchase. This is a tactic and everything posted at their page maybe the truth but you still need to hear it from the normal folks.

Go Ahead And Compare A way for you to ensure that you’re about to buy the best product of its class is if you have all your other options. Take the time to look up all the heaters that you’re interested in buying and from that point on, note down the features they have. After all that is done, you just compare and pretty soon, you’ll have one appliance that stands out.

Electric Hot Water Heater Reviews For The Specifications You need to find out what the deal is. It’s either you head on over to a verified site or you rely on the words put in by customers. I was on the same position once and what worked for me were the testimonials of people.

The thing with the claims of ordinary individuals is that they’re unbiased. Specifications of the heater were laid down for me along with a few comments regarding them.Be Aware Of The Advantages In reviews, everything is written with honesty.

I stumbled upon articles penned by average people trashing certain brands and actually, I considered them helpful. Because I was dished both the pros and cons in a pragmatic manner, I learned better. I got to take note of the advantages of one particular heater in a way that doesn’t force me to see the features in an unleveled ground.Electric Hot Water Heater Reviews To Tell You The Truth I purchased my appliance with the help of honest word from typical individuals.

My advice to you is that you don’t need is marketing. When you visit a product’s website, you’ll only read about the greatness of what they’re selling. Regardless of their statements being true or not, you’re better off with opinionated reviews by customers who will expose the real deal. To help you decide on the appliance you want, you have to turn to customers who have bought the product for themselves.

You can trust them because they were in your predicament in the past. Manufacturers and affiliate websites tend to be biased. Take it from me that you can’t really depend on what they say because they’ll do everything in their power to dish out good remarks on what they’re selling. It’s all a part of their strategy of enticing you to make a purchase. If what you wish to go over is an honest lowdown on something, you should do what I do and search for electronic hot water heater reviews online.


Find An Easy Way To Clean Your Carpets

It is not very easy to clean carpets of your home and office as it is very heavy and need some equipment that can help to clean it properly. There are many cleaners available today who can work for you. They are having all such equipment that can help to clean carpet easily. There are people who do not find time to clean their carpet and so for them getting such service will be very helpful.

Carpets are not easily cleaned and so there might be the stain on it which is not very easy to remove. But with a help of professional cleaners it can become very easy to clean carpet with ease. Moreover, water damage to carpet is something that can bring tension and stress. In such time, cleaners will work as the boon and will help you to relax while they will restore water from it. These professional are trained to sue different types of equipment and techniques that can help to clean carpet and give them new and original look.

Which techniques are used by professional cleaners?

It is very difficult when it comes to carpet cleaning and so cleanser has a different technique that can make work easy. The most common among all is dry cleaning where with a help of equipment strain and dust is been removed from the carpet. There is drying equipment that can help to remove water from it and thus make it dry. There is some situation when dry cleaning does not give effective result and thus in such situation steam cleaning is available. It will have equipment that can produce steam and thus when the carpet is in contact with steam all dust and dirt is removed from it. It is equally important to have chemicals that can remove germs from it especially when it is damage through the water. These professional come up with chemicals and when the carpet is soaked in it becomes germs free. Thus, different techniques and equipment can help to clean carpet easily.

Why go for cleaners?

  • Professional will make sure that customer is satisfied with their work and get the consistent result with it.
  • They are ready to work 24/7 and thus in case of emergency they are ready with all their equipment and cleaners.
  • The equipment that is used for cleaning carpet is approved and also able to remove the best result.
  • They are ready to work in any situation whether you are moving out of home or have faced any natural damage. Thus in any situation you can get service that can help to clean carpets.
  • Technicians who are working are such companies are trained and work hard to achieve a positive result.

Food Safety Tips For Home Caterers

Many people today depend on caterers to cater food for their various functions. In fact, it has become a trend today. If you too are a food caterer and cater to functions such as weddings, birthday parties, formal dinners and barbeques, you would know that a lot of people would be eating your food. You need to be responsible and make sure that the food you cook, do not make any people sick.

This is all the more important if children, pregnant women, senior citizens and ill people attend any of the functions you cater to. These are vulnerable groups and food poisoning will have serious consequences on this kind of people. So here are some tips to keep in mind when you are catering for your next function.

Keep Your Vessels Clean

As a caterer, you may be using the same set of vessels to cook a variety of food. Therefore it is important that any food particles are not left stuck to or charred at the bottom of the vessel. After every use, wash your vessels with hot water. Simply loading them into the dishwasher may not be enough if food particles are charred on the vessel. In such cases, fix by high pressure cleaning Brisbane to your tap and turn on the hot water on the vessel.

Keep Your Food Separated One of the biggest reasons for food poisoning is because of cross contamination. This means that the bacteria in your raw food, gets transferred to cooked, ready to eat food. Therefore make sure that you keep your raw food separated from cooked food. In fact, separate your kitchen into raw food processing areas and cooked food processing areas. Keep two different sets of utensils for each area. Cross contamination can be reduced this way.

Cold Storage

As a caterer, you are required to keep different types of food in cold storage. This can be a chilled pudding or a leg of uncooked lamb. Regardless of the type of food, your cold storage should be maintained at the temperate that is sufficient for all kinds of food. There have been many food poisoning incidents simply because the cold storage was not maintained properly.

Even while in the freezer, make sure that you keep cooked and uncooked food separate. Allocate a time once a week, regardless of how busy you are, to clean your freezer. Throw away any unwanted or expired food. Use office cleaning quote Gold Coast hose to wash the freezer. If you are a caterer by profession, you may have to obtain certain license before you cater to large groups of people.

Getting this license will require you to pass inspections and fill out some papers. Speak to your local health or municipal council to know more about this.